Strategic workforce planning

Preparing for the future of work

Having the analysis and insight needed to make the right decisions for your people and organisation is more important than ever as businesses prepare for the workforce of the future and navigate disruptive megatrends, such as demographic changes, technological shifts in how we work and global economic uncertainty.

The PwC Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) approach is a proactive analysis of current workforce supply and future demand to build required capabilities and capacity to achieve business objectives.

How are you tackling critical workforce challenges?

Strategic Workforce Planning helps organisations to deliver better people decisions, outputs and outcomes


Do you have control and an understanding of current and future workforce costs?


How are you helping your people embrace new technology and ensuring a smooth transition from current skills to future requirements?

Adapting to change

Are you able to minimise disruption and ease the adaption to change by understanding complex interdependencies?


Do you understand the workforce needed to achieve business goals and meet diversity and resource targets? Do you have the right resources in the right locations to support growth and future requirements?


Do your people feel frustrated by reactive staffing decisions which are affecting their own ability to plan their own lives?

Getting Strategic Workforce Planning right

Strategic Workforce Planning can range from a periodic review of resource requirements to a proactive approach identifying future workforce risks.

We help identify your business needs and use a tailored approach to deliver a tangible analysis of workforce supply and demand to best support your business objectives with a focus on data, technology, measurement and reporting.


We take a data driven approach to help businesses make short and long term strategic decisions, understanding the right size, shape and skills needed for their workforce.


We use tools and expertise to quickly analyse an organisation’s approach to Strategic Workforce Planning, understanding their current maturity and build a sustainable solution to support their future workforce design and modelling.

Measurement and reporting

We put a robust process in place so you can measure and monitor progress against goals, giving you valuable data and insight to report to leadership and drive business decisions.


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