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Consumer-led pension strategy: Western Power Distribution

We recently worked with Western Power Distribution (‘WPD’) to help them design and implement a methodology to seek consumers’ views on how WPD should fund its pension schemes. The results show that if the industry runs their pension schemes in a different way to present, then all consumers can benefit.

Trends in People Analytics - With excerpts from the 2015 PwC Saratoga Benchmarks

Talent is top of mind to senior executives, and that is more evident than ever today. A new function called people analytics is born as companies look to better drive return on their investment.

People strategy for the digital age: A new take on talent

Latest findings on talent from PwC's 18th Global Survey

The Wearable Future – Consumer Intelligence Series

Here is a look at some of the strengths and opportunities for wearable tech—and the weaknesses and challenges that enterprising businesses must successfully navigate.

Delivering intelligence in the moment – Data and analytics

How can you harness Data and Analytics to deliver more value for your business? But data analytics has now become a top priority issue, seen as critical to unlocking future growth, managing cost and decreasing risk.

Pensions Support Index May 2015

Our latest Pensions Support Index (PSI), measures the level of support provided to the defined benefit (DB) pension schemes of the companies in the FTSE 350.

Pensions Support Index May 2015 The UK economy may be out of recession, but pension schemes are not

Our latest Pensions Support Index (PSI), measures the level of support provided to the defined benefit (DB) pension schemes of the companies in the FTSE 350.

The hidden talent: 10 ways to identify and retain transformational leaders

Transformation is crucial for survival however just one in twenty leaders today have the right skills to lead successful transformational change.

HR Innovation

All together: an effective approach to global HR and benefit plan governance

Raising the bar – The state of executive pay in 2015

Executive pay is falling in real terms as 45% of chief executives receive no salary increase, says PwC research.

Moving people with purpose Modern mobility survey

Businesses worldwide are looking to mobility to help them tap into fast growth markets and develop the global mindset today's business leaders need. Our survey looks at how organisations are dealing with the challenges modern mobility brings and what they are doing to strengthen their capabilities.

Why is people analytics important? - How companies are responding?

There is significant commercial advantage in using employee data to underpin both HR and wider business decisions; the challenge is being able to do this in a timely, manageable and insightful way.

Increasing impact and insight through innovative data visualisation?

Representing the structure and layers of your organisation visually, will facilitate decision making concerning strategic changes to your organisation design.

Imagine if we got people analytics right

How are you ensuring the maximum performance and potential of each employee? It’s been proved that the usage of people analytics can help organisations to go maximise performance and unlock potential

Getting more out of the workforce through analytics

Providing clear, useful people insights to the business?There are top issues that organisations may be facing with regards to people analytics. Is data being used in ways that would be relevant to business structure?

Operational excellence in HR

People have become accustomed to the ease, speed and intuition of the on-line shopping experience. They now want this in other aspects of their daily lives, including their interactions with HR. Organisations also want HR to inform workforce plans with the same rich data and analytics used in customer profiling and other forms of business intelligence.

A new chapter for executive pay

In this paper we explore the results of the 2014 AGM season, analysing the voting outcomes for all FTSE100 AGMS and how the new regulations on the disclosure of executive remuneration have impacted remuneration policy.

The future of work – a journey to 2022

This report looks towards 2022, exploring three different scenarios that could project the future 'worlds of work'.

Making executive pay work: The psychology of incentives

There is an emerging consensus, at least in Western economies, that there is something deeply flawed about the current model of executive pay. But despite the increasing focus on the pay of executives, surprisingly little attention has been paid to perhaps the most important constituency: executives themselves. So we asked them what they think.

Executive Remuneration Report Leadership: Simple, practical proposals for implementing the new disclosure requirements

PwC has collaborated with Radley Yeldar (a communications consultancy) and CIMA for several years, aiming to challenge conventional thinking on corporate reporting. Together, we have just issued this latest guidance on executive remuneration reporting.

Global equity compensation newsletter

The equity compensation updates are focused on assisting our clients with strategy, design, implementation, administration, maintenance, and ongoing evaluation of domestic and international stock plans to ensure support of business objectives and recruiting and retention needs.

Pensions Support Index June 2014

The Pensions Support Index measures the level of support provided to defined benefit schemes of companies in the FTSE 350.

Integrations: the difference between deal success and failure

A strategic and tailored approach to M&A integration makes all the difference to a deal success or failure.

The talent challenge: adapting to growth

Our new report 'The talent challenge: Adapting to growth', based on the findings from PwC's 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, is ready and will be launched globally on Tuesday 20 May 2014.

What goes up must come down

In this paper we explore the different trends that have had an impact on executive pay in the past and consider the implications for the future trajectory of executive reward.

Get ready: HR shared services are back

HR shared services are an increasingly important element of your organisation’s business plan. By centralising, standardising and removing unnecessary costs from your HR processes you can create a far more efficient and productive function, delivering greater value.

Profitable growth in the digital age

Digital technology has transformed the scope, scale and potential of business over the last decade. And those that have harnessed its potential have achieved greater returns and higher engagement with their customers.

Shrinking labour wage gaps will reshape global businesses

The narrowing wage gap between the UK and emerging economies such as China, India and the Philippines will have major implications for business.

Grow revenue: unleash your growth potential

The ‘new normal’ of weak economic growth and heightened volatility is redefining how CEOs should think about profitable growth. It’s still the biggest driver of value in a business – and although it’s becoming harder to achieve, there are significant opportunities that still haven’t been explored to their full potential.

Reduce cost: create savings that last

Outlines how businesses can reduce cost strategically, the benefits and success stories.

Remove complexity: Simplify and standardise your operating model

To stay competitive and be successful, we’re helping companies remove complexity so they are able to adapt and change to new market opportunities and operate at a lower cost. This viewpoint paper explores the challenges facing organisations today, gives an overview of our approach and the benefits of removing complexity.

Clarity on directors’ remuneration disclosure reporting

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has released their legislation on executive pay. Clearer details have been given around what companies and remuneration committees will be expected to report on regarding executive directors’ remuneration.

Talent management in Aerospace, Defence and Security

Creating an environment where your employees thrive can be a differentiator for your business. Do you know what the people you want are looking for and what will make them stay?

Stay ahead with the right operating model

Outlines how businesses can improve their value chain and operating model, the benefits and success stories.

Removing the barriers to movement

The increasing complexity of global immigration legislation has led to distinct challenges for organisations whose employees are globally mobile. We look at how to remove the barriers to mobility.

The rise of a generation

Today’s children are already full acclimatised to using technology as part of their everyday lives. How will this tech-savvy Generation Z transfer to the workplace and how will they choose to communicate?

2013: A year of restraint for executive pay

The results of our executive pay survey look at remuneration trends for 2013 in the face of reward regulation and mounting pressure from shareholders, Government and the public.

From vision to decision: Pharma 2020

Predicting pharma’s future trends and the decisions companies need to make to capitalise on the opportunities