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The motivation and retention of executives to implement corporate strategy is vital to an organisation's success. With our team of specialists, we aim to help companies build a credible remuneration policy to achieve this objective. We have considerable experience in balancing an appropriate remuneration policy for the company with shareholder considerations and the intricate governance considerations in this area.

In practice, our help involves understanding the company strategy, designing and modelling potential remuneration policies and incentive plans to drive a positive outcome for all stakeholders.

Make decisions based on insight, not just instinct.

The continually-shifting dynamic of the executive pay environment means that patterns may have previously existed, do not any longer.

Access to the latest data and analytics is vital to ensure that organisations aware of the latest developments, and its remuneration policy will retain its senior executives.

Smart TSR is our latest tech solution within the reward space, designed to help clients understand and track returns in their Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP).

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Fair pay in a just society - what do executives think?

For some time now, societal concern about levels of executive pay has been on the rise. Executive pay has been visible symptom of broader concerns about inequality and a ‘system rigged for the elite’ which has been the backdrop to a number of recent elections and referenda across the developed world.

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