Speed up your treasury software selection

Our TMS selection tool can help you navigate the vast treasury technology market quickly at a lower cost to select a suitable TMS vendor.

What is it?

Tech Evaluator: TMS supports quick decision making by capturing and scoring vendor responses automatically for your functional and non-functional requirements. The calculations of vendor scores are tailored based on your priorities.

How can Tech Evaluator: TMS help you?

  • Questions inventory – Exhaustive inventory of questions covering treasury, support and IT requirements.
  • Quicker process – Reduced time spent collating questions and analysing results (approximate 20 days full time1).
  • Customisable – Questions and scoring criteria can be easily tailored to your requirements.
  • Easy setup – Automated scoring template and reporting for vendor responses.
  • Relevant scoring – Higher weightings applied for essential requirements throughout functional areas and across the four assessment area.
  • Visualisation of results – Interactive report with filtering capabilities to easily interpret vendor responses.
  • Address key challenges - Supports the resolution of selection challenges usually faced by treasurers.

How can we support you?

Depending on your needs and timeline, we offer a flexible approach of how we can support you with use of the tool.See two possible support frameworks below with the possible outputs:

Basic support package – Simplified TMS selection

  • Stakeholder discussions to understand requirements to meet current needs and vision
  • Detailed list of RFP questions covering functional, support and technical requirements
  • Analysis, scoring, pricing and reporting of responses
  • Scrutiny of vendor responses based on market knowledge
  • Vendor demo and demo scripts
  • Client reference call questions

In addition to the basic support package, we can support your TMS selection project with the following activities:

  • Produce a treasury target operating model and blueprint for change
  • Document your as-is processes
  • Design to-be process and controls
  • Compile a TMS implementation business case for change and cost benefit analysis

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