Developing a grant funding strategy

The UK government has increased public funding in the form of grants to ensure that there is adequate capital provided to the market to deliver on the UK’s wider net zero, innovation, and levelling up agendas. Billions of pounds have been set aside to promote business transformations and invest in technologies to help achieve government goals.

With increased funding opportunities, subscriptions to competitions are rising and the grant funding landscape is becoming more complex to navigate. We can help your business navigate this landscape by developing a grant funding strategy that is tailored to your needs and support you with the application process.

Maximising grant opportunities

With our expertise we can help you navigate the complex grant funding landscape by assisting in three key ways to:

As the government continues to increase funding competitions that will lead to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals and other wider government regulations, grant applications are becoming more competitive.

Our team has the insight and experience to advise clients throughout the grant application processes to ensure that all funding opportunities are identified and applied to with an efficient process that works for you and your team.

We can help you

  • Identify available incentives;
  • Position the grant applications to ensure they are ‘on strategy’;
  • Help secure incentives at an optimum level;
  • Identify and negotiate the right type of grant or repayable finance for your company; and
  • Provide guidance and assistance through all aspects of the grant journey.

You may be eligible for grant funding if your company is:

  • Expanding its operations;
  • Investing in new or innovative plant and machinery/processes;
  • Decarbonising manufacturing processes/ facilities;
  • Early stage R&D; or
  • Creating or safeguarding jobs.

Clients we have helped

Manufacturing company

We worked closely with the company to develop the need for grant funding and demonstrate financial constraint. As a result, the company received grant funding that allowed them to bring forward 3 years’ worth of capital investment projects to take advantage of market opportunities that were present.

Family-owned food manufacturer

Working with a long established family business, we helped them to be granted an up-front, repayable loan by the Welsh Government, which meant they had cash to use as a deposit against a new piece of capital equipment. This loan was interest free with a capital payment holiday and provided the cash injection needed to start the project.

Automotive manufacturing company

We helped a large automotive manufacturer to submit an application under the Regional Growth Fund. The fund helped the company secure the production of a new component in the UK rather than in Japan. We worked within very tight timescales to deliver a robust application, which was ultimately successful.

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