Using grant incentives to fund Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) projects

The rising importance of ESG measures across UK business and public bodies is being fuelled by increased awareness of threats arising from the climate crisis.

As a result, the UK government has set aside billions in public investments over the next few years.These grants will be vital in driving innovation and achieving government goals to be net zero by 2050.

We can help your business navigate the grant funding landscape by developing a grant funding strategy that is tailored to your needs and support you with the application process.

Maximising grant opportunities to enhance your ESG strategy

For businesses looking to execute an ESG strategy, there may be an opportunity to capitalise on the increased public funding being made available. With our expertise we can help guide you through the complex grant funding landscape to help maximise current opportunities in the market.

We can assist by:

Understanding the grant funding landscape

The government is continuing to increase funding competitions to help meet ESG goals and in accordance with other government regulations. As a result, grant applications are becoming more competitive and the landscape can often be complex to navigate.

Our team has the insight and experience to advise clients throughout the grant application processes to ensure that all funding opportunities are identified and applied to in an efficient process that works for you and your team.

We can help in three key ways by

Developing your grant funding strategy

  1. Ensuring the grant application is optimised to meet your business goals, activities, and potential project(s)
  2. Identifying the most eligible and relevant grant schemes for your business and the suitability of different grant programmes against your project(s).

Helping with grant application and submissions

  1. Defining your grant strategy with a strong project plan
  2. Gathering all relevant project partners and stakeholders
  3. Conducting any technical, economic, and environmental analysis required using our team’s experience in developing compelling business cases
  4. Preparing the application with the review sessions and client and partner meetings for input
  5. Submitting the proposal in a timely manner.

Providing post-application support

  1. Understanding the specific administrative requirements of the grant
  2. Monitoring business and administrative processes and helping to implement requirements.
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