Tax Enquiries & Disclosures

Getting your relationship with HM Revenue and Customs in good shape

HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”) and other tax authorities across the world are increasing their focus on the tax gap and putting tax transparency at the top of their agenda. Tax compliance is more critical than ever. If you think you or your clients may not be completely compliant, the message is clear - tell HMRC or face increasingly severe consequences.

Whether you are an individual, a company, trustee or an executor of an estate, if you need someone to review your tax position, make a voluntary disclosure, advise you through an investigation or support you in the event that criminal charges are threatened, we can assist.

Our experienced team includes chartered tax advisors, ex-HMRC inspectors and tax lawyers. We can guide you or your business through the entire investigation process from inception to resolution, including litigation where required.

Our services

Tax enquiries

All types of tax disputes and tax enquiries

From general enquiries to complex HMRC investigations and intervention, we can help clients successfully navigate any issues with HMRC to resolve all types of tax disputes and tax enquiries in the most appropriate way.

Risk Review & Voluntary Disclosures

Risk review and voluntary disclosures

We can carry out a proactive review to assess whether any historic tax exposures exist. Where needed we can help clients to successfully disclose to HMRC undeclared liabilities.

Code of Practice 9

If you have received notice of Code of Practice 9/Contractual Disclosure Facility ("CoP9") from HMRC you are being given notice they suspect you of committing tax fraud.

Code of Practice 8

HMRC use Code of Practice 8 (“CoP 8”) investigations in cases where tax fraud is not suspected and where large amounts of tax are at stake or there are complex technical tax issues involved.

How do you get your relationship with HMRC in good shape?

We appreciate a tax enquiry or investigation from HMRC can be a daunting prospect. We regularly work with clients and their professional advisors to ensure we can deliver the best possible outcome whilst maintaining sensitivity at all times.

We offer a free confidential, ‘no obligation’ initial meeting, so please get in touch.

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