Preventing Tax Disputes

Getting your relationship with HM Revenue and Customs in good shape

Tax authorities are collaborating globally and sharing information about taxpayers, increasingly in real time. Tax authorities will not just focus on technical merit, but also on behaviours, evidenced by governance and supporting documentation. Forensic technology is also enabling links to be made quicker and risk to be identified.

Proactive management of a potential dispute can save management time and cost, minimise penalties and preserve reputation. Our team of tax specialists, accountants, economists, solicitors, former HMRC inspectors, data and technology experts will work with you to put in place governance, procedures and documentation to prevent potential disputes in the future.

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Tax Risk Management

As part of the drive for co-operative compliance, tax authorities are increasingly focusing resources on taxpayers based on risk. It is becoming of growing importance for taxpayers to demonstrate and evidence strong governance and control, throughout the organisation, in managing tax compliance. We work with businesses to implement robust governance structures to manage risk and prevent disputes across the taxes. We also work with our clients to manage the interaction with HMRC and other Tax Authorities such as the Business Risk Review in the UK.

Defence files

Tax Authorities are increasingly keen to understand the facts and motives which underpin tax positions, delving deeper into documentary evidence of transactional support including but not limited to step plans, legal documents, e-mails, minutes etc. This puts new pressure on taxpayers to compile and present evidence earlier than was previously required, sometimes reaching the level of court-ready documentation well before any formal Tribunal or Court proceedings have commenced.

Our proactive dispute management approach, which includes the use of innovative technology, helps put businesses on the front foot when it comes to collating evidence and documentation, helping our clients to understand, in real time, the risks in their current structure and to ensure that HMRC understand the full facts as supported by evidence. We work closely with our network to ensure effective tax governance policies and procedures are in place to mitigate any future exposure.

Risk Review & Voluntary Disclosures

We can carry out a proactive review to assess whether any historic tax exposures exist within a business. Where needed, we can help to correct historic inaccuracies with HMRC through a voluntary disclosure and manage the impending penalty position.

How do you get your relationship with HMRC in good shape?
We appreciate a tax enquiry or investigation from HMRC can be a daunting prospect. Our experienced team regularly works with clients, within their corporate governance processes, to ensure their relationship with HMRC is in the best possible state. This leads to the best possible outcome when dealing with HMRC.

We are happy to offer a free, confidential, ‘no obligation’ initial meeting, so please get in touch.

How do you get your relationship with HMRC in good shape?

We appreciate a tax enquiry or investigation from HMRC can be a daunting prospect. We regularly work with clients and their professional advisors to ensure we can deliver the best possible outcome whilst maintaining sensitivity at all times.

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