Risk and Resilience

Finding the right way to navigate risk and build resilience is an ever-evolving challenge. One that requires people with the knowledge and insight to make the right decisions, combined with the power of technology.

In this episode, we explore the importance of a human-led, tech-powered approach to risk and resilience. Watch now.

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Our speakers

Julie Iskow

President and CEO, Workiva

Sam Samaratunga

UK and Global Head of Risk Services, PwC

Professor Sue Black OBE

Professor of Computer Science, Durham University

Organisations are dealing with increasingly complex and varied risks. From risks to their reputation, finances and data to threats to their people and the environment. Navigating these risks and building resilience means finding the right balance of skills, expertise and technologies to design and deliver solutions.

But according to a panel of experts taking part in our ‘Human-led, Tech-powered’ series, building resilience isn’t just about withstanding shocks. It’s about being confident you can progress whatever challenges arise.

“Organisations have to take risks, but in a much more thoughtful, informed way. Because that's how you get an edge. If you don't take risks, you won't move forward.”

Sam Samaratunga,
UK and Global Head of Risk Services, PwC

That requires strong leadership and a clear strategy. It also calls for the creation of diverse teams to truly understand the full breadth of risks, how they manifest, how they affect people and how they can be best addressed.

“Companies that don’t take this seriously may not be around in the next five or 10 years.”

Professor Sue Black OBE,
Professor of Computer Science, Durham University

Getting the human parts of the puzzle right is critical. But an effective approach to risk and resilience also requires a combination of human qualities with the value technology and data can bring. Human understanding and insights must be powered by data and analytics to enable smarter decisions, assess opportunities and act quickly in the face of risk.

“The technology capabilities available to help manage risk have increased dramatically, and the governance risk and compliance capabilities now available provide significant benefit to organizations.”

Julie Iskow,
President and CEO, Workiva

Rethink Risk

The level of risk you need to manage today would scarcely have been imaginable, even recently. We can help you navigate this uncertainty, changing the way you predict, prepare and respond to risk, giving you confidence to make decisions that make the difference.

Together, we can rethink risk.

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