Annual Report 2019: Everyday flexibility at PwC Transcript

Everyday flexibility is very important to me. I have a young family. On Wednesdays I take my daughter to boxing in the afternoon after school and which means that I start seven o'clock in the morning and finish at half three.

It means I can flex my day to satisfy both my needs and the needs of my stakeholders 

Flexi working is all about the choices I don't have to make. I don't choose between a fulfilling career and family life.

I've become a dad for the first time. I've been able to sort of really be there for the special moments in the build-up to the big arrival.

I work from home two days a week to be able to do nursery and preschool drop-off and pickup.

I need to be around for nursery pickups, bath times, mealtimes, bedtimes and everything else.

I take every lunch break to go to the gym and have a workout, have a shower, just take some time for myself.

Every day flexibility to me means being able to work on stuff on the go.

Now my son can go to after-school clubs, have friends round to playdates and we all eat dinner together.

I actually suffer from hearing difficulties so the flexible working means I get to work at home when I find I'm struggling and also for medical appointments.

Working flexibly allows me to be there for my daughter in the days that really matters to her-  like her first trip to her new school!

For me the introduction of Google has been an absolute game changer it means I can collaborate on documents and have meetings with my team who are all based in London, while I work from home so that I can do the school run and collect my five-year-old daughter.

It allows me to work in different environments whether I want a quiet space to work or a collaborative atmosphere.

I think it's something that can be used by everybody in the firm to ensure they remain productive, get a balanced life and can contribute fully to their team.

I guess to sum up when other school parents and friends ask me how do I juggle a career and three young children and a husband who works from home away from home during the week - and the answer without being too cheesy is ‘everyday flexibility’.

[Title 85% of our people agreed that: “The people I work with trust me to work flexibly”

Everything for flexible working really benefits my working life experience so thank you PwC.

Thanks PwC. 

Thanks PwC!


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