Work Experience 2022 - transcript

Well, we’ve got a load of 16 and 17-year-olds in the building and they are here on paid work experience as part of our New World New Skills programme. I just think it’s really important that they see what it’s really like and hopefully get inspired by it. You know, they get to meet some amazing people, some of the people that work here at PwC.

It’s an opportunity for us to see what the future workforce look for when they are thinking about employability. 

So students will be here for a week, and throughout the week they’ll hear from people from different lines of service about an insight into their days and their work. Along with that they will be given a small project and also work on their presentation skills. 

Right now we are in Manchester, in the office for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. 

We’ve looked into the different areas of PwC and it’s to really understand the different areas on what you like the most. So that in the future, if you did ever come here, you’d know what you want to do and what you don’t want to do. 

They do technology, they do the legal system, tax and stuff like that. So all of us are here to just see which each department is about.

I’m looking forward to hearing from more professionals because I liked the session we had today, that was really interesting. And getting to ask them more questions. It’s better in person because you can actually interact with them a bit more.

If I didn’t know they were 16-17, then I would never guess. The way they speak, the questions they come armed with, the information that they already know, the amount of research they do into PwC is amazing. 

We had two project briefs, we had the Geo Model Recruitment company and we also had a VR one. Our group chose to do the Geo Model Recruitment company.

So, from Monday we’ve been given about seven hours to prepare for it.

In the evening we are going to show our presentation to some people of PwC.

I think it went pretty well, everyone done really good, there were a few high members of PwC there, so it was a bit nerve wracking but once you get into the swing of things it's pretty good. 

Well I mean, I have to say I’ve been blown away by the quality of the presentations; the content was great but just the confidence they had - if I look back to when I was that age, sitting there with three strangers from PwC watching them I thought their confidence and the quality of it was awesome.

The atmosphere in there was amazing, I met some really nice people. 

I want to give more people the opportunity to have work experience, to see what working life is like so that they don't think that it's something out of their reach and they get the same opportunities as everyone across the country, to learn, develop and create a career in a business environment.

So far, I have learnt about different skills, different transferable skills, so even if I wasn't applying here, or working here I could use in different places.

I’ve gained quite a lot, I’ve gained an insight on how a business like this works and I’ve gained a lot of skills.

This experience has been very eye opening for me.

I do believe that this project is very insightful, especially when you're a student to be influenced by those who have already got careers.

I’ve definitely gained an insight into PwC, it’s shown me that there are more options than just university.

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