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We’re taking action to empower communities by supporting social entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses.

Social enterprise is a significant and fast growing part of the UK economy and social enterprises exist across all sectors. Social enterprises tend to be more inclusive than mainstream businesses, they're often led by a more diverse group of people, they're more likely to employ people who are disadvantaged in the labour market and they often operate in geographic areas of deprivation.

So working with them, sharing the skills of our people and supporting their growth goes to the heart of our purpose and is a key piece of our social mobility programme. Our work with social enterprises encompasses both our award winning PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club and our commitment to Buy Social. We’re also proud of our social enterprise hub in London, The Fire Station, which has driven growth and collaboration in the sector since 2011 and is home to our own social enterprise brasserie, Brigade. The Fire Station housed Social Enterprise UK and the School for Social Entrepreneurs until 2023 and we continue to collaborate and work closely with both organisations as strategic partners. 

The Fire Station in London and our own social enterprise brasserie, Brigade

Interview with Lucy Ferguson, CEO of Mediorite and Ondre Roach, Director of Mediator Training

The value of sharing skills with social entrepreneurs, as they navigate the challenges of growing their business and maximising their impact, can be huge. Take a look at this short video of highlights from an interview with Lucy Ferguson from Mediorite, recent winner of both our BPTA Impact in Social Enterprise award and The Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards. Mediorite is a longstanding Social Entrepreneurs Club member and a supplier to PwC UK. 

Lucy was also joined for the interview by Ondre Roach, a former Mediorite trainee, who has now established his own social enterprise that is receiving support from our Social Entrepreneurs Club and Black Leadership programme.

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