Transparency Report 2023 - How does our audit culture support high quality? transcript

Dan Pearson:
Our audit culture is fundamental to high quality and enables everyone on our teams to perform rigorous and challenging audits.

Funmi Adeite:
To create a culture that supports high quality we have three Audit Behaviours, Team first, Challenge and be open to challenge and Take pride.

Evie Butler:
Our three Audit Behaviours set clear expectations for everyone and are embedded into everything we do.

Dan Chan:
Our audit culture supports high quality through inspiring curiosity about the organisations that we work with. It also empowers us to support each other on our audit teams, coach other people and support us with our own personal development.

Catherine Hendry:
Our culture supports high quality by encouraging all of our teams to consult and support each other.

Abbie Carr:
Our culture promotes face-to-face interaction with the client, this helps to build strong relationships and also expand our knowledge.

Owen Whitehouse:
So our culture encourages us to focus on individual learning and then share that through shared coaching.

Niran Jeerasinghe:
Our culture encourages everyone to challenge each other and be open to challenge which enhances quality.

Toby Nathan:
The organisations we audit play a critical role in facilitating high quality, which is why encouraging effective client contracting is an important part of our culture.

Klim Ramos:
I know I've done high quality work whenever I get recognition and encouragement from my team.

Holly Flinn:
I know my work is high quality when it stands up to in-depth review.

Rhoda Kasina:
When we take pride in what we do, we elevate our work from the ordinary to the extraordinary, leading to high quality outcomes.

Mohammed Alahdal:
I’m proud of the purpose of the work we do and the value it delivers to society.

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