Transparency Report 2023 - A tech-powered audit: our Digital Quest transcript

Vicky Ling:
At PwC, one of the things I love is that on a day-to-day basis, our audit teams are using a wide range of advanced technology as part of our human-led, tech-powered approach. I‘m really proud to have been part of the team that developed Digital Quest. This is a web based app which empowers our teams to sit down together and have a conversation about technology.

Toby Nathan:
Digital Quest helps teams to challenge themselves on whether they’re using our technology to its full potential on their audits. It encourages users to assess the digital expertise within their team, identifying areas for upskilling, and also helps them to tell their digital story, providing more detailed insight to the organisations they audit.

How has Digital Quest enabled upskilling in your team?

Bethan Godber:
Digital Quest enabled our team to identify the areas in which we have our key digital strengths in addition to those areas where we might benefit from additional training. After identifying those areas where upskilling was needed, I hosted regular training sessions every week that enabled our team to really increase their confidence in our suite of digital tools.

How has Digital Quest enhanced the technology used on your audits?

Zehra Ilyas:
Digital Quest has been a real game changer for our audit practice. What it does is that it gives us an opportunity to find out the right tools and technologies that are at our disposal. One of my favourite tools that it has pointed out to us is a related parties bot, for cross-directorship searches, using that it has really enhanced audit quality and brought about a lot of efficiencies for our audit practice

What additional insight has Digital Quest provided on your audits?

Toby Nathan:
What I really enjoyed about the Digital Quest was that it wasn't only great for us but also for our clients as well. It allowed us to share with them the technology we use and tell our digital story. It enabled us a more detailed insight into our digital powered audit.

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