Capital planning and optimisation

Maximising return on investment from portfolios

Using a robust value framework and advanced technology tools, we support organisations in the evaluation and planning of delivery portfolios that maximise return on investment and meet strategic objectives.

Some of the challenges we help businesses with include:

  • Understanding their portfolio of projects, and providing a holistic view on strategic alignment, costs, benefits, risk profile and deliverability.
  • Establishing a consistent framework for evaluating their portfolio of initiatives in relation to value for money and contribution to strategy.
  • Supporting the selection of interventions that minimise risk within a constrained funding envelope, while maximising return on investment.
  • In the event of market changes (strategic shifts, budget cuts, market fluctuations, regulatory pressures), determining what ‘needs’ to be delivered and what can be ‘turned off.
  • In a post COVID-19 world, replanning and stress testing business plans against a variety of scenarios, and implementing the technology and processes to respond with agility to change.

Our solution provides confidence to businesses that the decisions they make are based on robust real options analysis, maximising for value for shareholders and wider society.

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Our approach to portfolio optimisation

We help organisations rapidly rethink their business strategies to adapt to changing commercial environments. Combining leading technology with our business and strategic expertise, we help our clients consider new constraints (such as cash, resourcing and supply chain pressures, regulatory demands and other environmental conditions) and prioritise their investment plans to effectively use available capital and maximise return on operational expenditure.

Our approach is underpinned by technology that uses advanced technology platforms to support decision-making, allowing businesses to make robust and efficient replanning moves.

Our approach to portfolio optimisation
Our approach to portfolio optimisation

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