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Video transcript: Portfolio optimisation in capital projects

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In today's world businesses face increasing competitive, regulatory and budgetary pressures. As business strategy shifts and responds to these pressures. Planning and executing portfolios with agility becomes a paramount capability for organisations to quickly respond to change and remain competitive in the marketplace.

In response to this growing business need, we have developed a decision support solution underpinned by a value driven framework that helps define and optimise your project and business change portfolios in alignment with your business strategy.

Using machine learning algorithms, our methodology enables you to quickly simulate a large number of scenarios and identify the optimal portfolio that meet your needs and maximises return on investment.

Our advanced visualization tools allow you to quickly draw insights from different scenarios, enabling decision makers to identify efficiency opportunities such as cost reduction and value enhancement initiatives.

Our decision support framework and technology solution gives business confidence that they are investing in the right projects and at the right time.

We support the decisions you have to make and help you balance benefits in cost for the short, medium and long term.

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Rupert French

Rupert French

Director, PwC United Kingdom

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Andrés Jiménez

Senior Manager, PwC United Kingdom

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