Balancing safety and prosperity: Harnessing the power of GenAI to solve business challenges

The public sector faces significant change and digital transformation is happening at pace. Sector leaders must look to innovate, while prioritising safety and resilience. Microsoft’s innovative technology, coupled with PwC’s deep industry expertise, is unlocking value from GenAI to help solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges.

A responsible, considered approach to GenAI will deliver long-term solutions and growth for both business and society.

Watch how we convened technology experts and leaders at our PwC Microsoft Hackathon to showcase the power of GenAI.

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Kevin Ellis: At PwC we've got 26,000 people in the UK but 360,000 people round the world. Everyone is watching us, but also everyone wants to be a part of this. We’re having an event today, where we are bringing so many important people who are decision-makers and leaders together. It is important not just for what we're doing for the external market but it's also important for our people, to know they're part of the change that's happening in wider society.

Rachel Taylor: Balancing safety and prosperity is critical to enable us, both the government, PwC and Microsoft, to get the most out of the power of technology. That means thinking about how to do things safely but how to really innovate and think about solving problems differently.

Alan Lewis: Today, developers will have a chance to learn more and get hands on with generative AI tools to see if they can use AI to find solutions to the public sector's toughest challenges, whether that's improving citizen services, saving time or boosting productivity.

Stewart Wilson: PwC and Microsoft are the perfect partnership to collaborate around a hackathon like this. Microsoft bring real innovation around technology and when you combine that with PwC's knowledge of business and our working in the public sector, that together provides a really strong combination to solve important problems.

Participant 1: We've been designing a system to summarise and pick out key points in ministerial correspondence. I think the big problem we thought about was unstructured data and we wanted to make it more accessible and connect systems better with that data.

Participant 2: It's been two days of working with people from different government departments, working with Microsoft, working with PwC, collaborating, seeing how different people work and addressing a problem that none of us really knew about going in.

Participant 3: I've been impressed with just the tools and the ability for us to deliver value, so the time to value has been really quick.

Participant 4: AI is an amazing tool, but we have to be careful with it, there's inherent risks with it, however, there's the opportunity there to make life for people across the country and the world a lot better.

Maria Axente: Earlier today I led the session on Responsible AI, sharing our key learnings and best practices from our experience in deploying Responsible AI over the years, globally and across industry. And making sure that what we're building is aligned with human problems but also is safe to use.

Matt Telling: We definitely need to apply some responsible principles to the way we do hacking and particularly the use of AI, and we want to make sure that when we use these technologies they're applied in a fair and responsible way.

Scott Logan: Gen AI allows us to bring real solutions to people, to actually show them, to see, not be heard and talked at but actually see real outcomes.

David Tapnack: Gen AI's only going to get more powerful because so much capital is pouring into this, to work out how our new organisations are going to function with Gen AI right in the middle.

Rob McCargow: The opportunity now is very much here. Generative AI offers a significant growth opportunity for organisations across the country. And at the heart of this is a need to accelerate your cloud transformation journey, develop your data strategy, but also empower your workforce and upskill them as well as increasing the digital savvy of your board. If you can pull that together in a way that puts trustworthiness and responsibility at the heart of the technology you can achieve amazing things.

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