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Managed Cyber Defence (MCD)

Build your threat resistance through forward-looking intelligence and rapid-response protection, to stay connected and resilient.

Cyber threats are the cost of doing business in a digital world. The attacks get more sophisticated every day, especially ransomware, which brings many businesses to an expensive halt. No organisation is off-limits.

You don’t have to deal with it alone. PwC’s Managed Cyber Defence combines real-time threat intelligence and accurate detection with rapid-reaction response and recovery support. We’ll help your organisation build your resistance to cyber threats, so you stay connected and running, with confidence.

Act now. Don’t pay the costs later

Attackers are increasingly finding ways to breach systems and evade detection. Managed Cyber Defence gives you peace of mind that you’ll stay ahead of threats while others are immobilised.

  • Keep your teams working and providing a great service - rather than getting taken down for hours, days or weeks.
  • Protect vital working capital - don’t burn through it to repair the damage of a breach.
  • Meet your legal obligations, such as GDPR requirements, on time to avoid fines.
  • Keep building strong, trusted relationships with customers and business partners, not paying compensation as they walk out the door.

How we can help?

Any cyber team can help you detect a threat. We’ll help you get ahead of the risk.

You’ll get clear intelligence and accurate detection, helping you dig deep into threats and emerging risks on the security frontline. We’ll support you with rapid response and collaborative recovery, containing threats and offering full incident support. We’ll also help you build long-term resilience to prevent future breaches, so your security operations are always supported and ahead of the threats, never overwhelmed.

Benefits of Managed Cyber Defence

Advanced detection for greater protection

As part of PwC’s global network of cyber threat experts, we’re plugged into one of the largest and most advanced detection teams in the world. Our teams identify new global risks to endpoint, network and cloud platforms (SaaS and IaaS) in near real-time.

Ultra-fast response

Speed is critical. If a breach hits your systems, our systems will block most threats in real time. It’s based on automated behavioural and threat analysis techniques, augmented by global threat intelligence. It all happens without human intervention. Combined with security monitoring, we can cut the likelihood of a breach - or, if you are affected, bring response times down to seconds.

Our teams will help you respond and recover

You’re not alone - our people are on hand to help you develop, coordinate and communicate a response plan. We’ll make sure everybody in the organisation knows what to do to minimise the impact and keep operations running.

Build long-term resilience

The most important thing in cyber security is a proactive mindset. Your organisation needs to understand the risks, stay ahead of threats and prepare for them. We’ll help you build the knowledge, capabilities and foresight to keep your business safe. From cyber specialists to C-suite decision-makers, everybody will play a part in making cyber security a strategic priority, not a tactical response.

What’s included?


  • Multilayered malware protection. To identify and block commodity and unknown or targeted malware before it can execute.
  • Blocked malicious files and applications. If an executable file or macro attempts to run, we’ll analyse it in a secure sandbox and block any threats.
  • Exploit prevention. We’ll stop known, zero day and unpatched vulnerabilities. And we’ll protect programmes that are commonly attacked - including web browsers, office applications, email clients and document readers.
  • Ransomware protection. To block new or unknown variants, based on behaviour, before they can encrypt data and spread on your network.

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  • Near real-time detection. We’ll detect, investigate and analyse root causes of threat activity at all stages of the attack lifecycle.
  • World-class threat intelligence. Combined with comprehensive behavioural monitoring of more than 700 unique attacker tactics, techniques and procedures.
  • Rule base mapped to Mitre ATT&CK techniques. We constantly update our rule base to detect new and emerging attacker behaviours, ‘fileless’ malware and evasion techniques.
  • Automated analytics and context enrichment. To cut the time between detection and response down to seconds or minutes.

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  • Malicious activity blocked, with minimal business impact. We’ll terminate and quarantine suspicious processes to prevent further damage - without harming your ability to collect malware samples and forensic evidence.
  • Isolate attackers from the network. We’ll isolate suspected or known compromised machines, on or off your network.
  • Forensic evidence, captured quickly. We’ll capture malicious files and forensic evidence, using dynamic sandbox analysis or manual reverse engineering.

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  • Ongoing, proactive hunting. Our threat-hunting teams investigate leads that are automatically created by contextual tagging of unusual behaviour. We complement this with targeted hunting, based on your unique environmental risks, changes to your threat landscape, or through intelligence on new attack campaigns and techniques.
  • Machine learning analytics. We augment human experience with machine learning analytics, which can highlight subtle behavioural changes in petabytes of data. Our approach uses time, entity and peer-group models to quickly spot anomalies which suggest highly evasive threats. This means we can prioritise mitigation before threats become breaches.

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Why PwC?

  • A Forrester ‘Leader’
    Rated as a ‘Leader’ in Digital Forensics and Incident Response.
  • An accredited global network
    As a leader in security consulting services, we’re certified by a number of industry and government bodies, including:
    • CREST, the industry body for technical cyber security
    • UK National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Incident Response (CIR) scheme - one of just a few firms to be certified
    • US National Security Agency
  • Worldwide intelligence
    You share the benefit of intelligence gleaned from incident response engagements in more than 40 countries.
  • Dedicated threat hunters
    We have teams solely focussed on proactive searches for the latest threats and suspicious activity.
  • Board relationships
    As C-suite business risk advisors, we can help you engage your senior leaders to make cyber security a strategic priority.


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