Video transcript: The impact of drones on the UK economy

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The Impact of drones on the UK Economy

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Elaine Whyte - UK Drones Lead

Over the next decade we will see a convergence of technology, societal acceptance and regulation to unlock the full potential of drones.

I served for 20 years in the air force and I saw firsthand the advantages that air path can bring.

What is exciting is the opportunity to take that powerful perspective to business and society.

We predict that the use of drones and the data that they collect will have a net impact of £42bn on the UK economy by 2030.

Our research shows 785,000 jobs will involve working with drones.

On some scale in the near future, every type of business will be affected.

Drones will represent nearly 2% of GDP by 2030.

So ask yourself where is the opportunity to your business from drone disruption and are you ready to move quickly if you want to capitalise on this technology?

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