Value creation in deals

Look at your M&A from a different perspective

We deliver pre, during and post-deal expertise ensuring you leave no value on the table. We have surveyed corporate executives, private equity partners and dealmakers across different sectors to uncover how they create value through M&A. #BeyondTheDeal

What if you looked at your M&A from a different perspective?

We surveyed 100 private equity partners, globally, to uncover their experiences of value creation through M&A. Mastering the journey of creating value in deals has never been so important and our new report details how dealmakers can buck the trend and win in the new deals environment.

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Key findings from our research

More value can be driven by revenue enhancement

Only 45% of private equity dealmakers realise deal value through revenue enhancement.

Having a closer eye on talent retention and culture can drive value

As many as 57% of private equity dealmakers said cultural issues hampered value creation.

Value can be enhanced through strategic clarity, embedded early on

80% of transactions that utilised a formalised approach to creating deal value delivered material returns.

Planning for exit can drive value creation

91% of the dealmakers who say their divestment created value ran their exit process according to a formalised methodology

Creating value beyond the deal 

Our conversations with corporate and private equity executives show that companies that genuinely prioritise value creation early on - rather than assume it will happen as a natural consequence of the actions they take as the transaction proceeds - have a better track record of maximising value in a deal.

The key message from our Creating value beyond the deal and Creating value beyond the deal: private equity M&A reports is that it's time to rethink value creation in deals. Organisations and PE houses that establish rigorous criteria for value creation early on are best positioned to maximise the returns from the transaction.

We don’t just look at the strategy of your merger, acquisition and divestiture activity, or just the execution. Our Deal Value Architects ensure no value is left on the table by bringing together our capabilities across the M&A lifecycle.  

Create the step-change to futureproof your business. You’ve got there before your competitors; now embed a value realisation mindset throughout the M&A lifecycle so quick wins last a lot longer and are much more transformational.


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Delivering the biggest leveraged buyout of 2017 – our work with Unilever

Deliver more value to your shareholders. It’s how you make impact, after all. Our insight and sector expertise are embedded in analytics and technology, meaning we find value where others don’t.

Exceed your value ambitions. Our Deal Value Architects provide single accountability for value delivery – value is always realised and delivered through, not only the M&A strategy, but the business strategy too.

We want to make dealmaking game-changing, helping you resolve key challenges, capitalise on transformational opportunities and deliver maximum value through M&A.

Who are our Deal Value Architects?

Single accountability of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures is crucial for deal success. Our Deal Value Architects are focused on developing a clear value hypothesis and driving implementation and delivery. They ensure your M&A is closely aligned to your business objectives.

Our Deal Value Architects’ ambition is the same as yours – realising the maximum value and ensure none of it is left behind.

Meet our Deal Value Architects


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