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Coty’s approach to creating value

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In the world of beauty, value comes from creating products that consumers love and also developing a strong relationship with consumers, and data and analytics in the centre of all of that.

We've been working on a very complex project on which we had a lot of pressure. We've been working with PwC, with many consulting companies. And I think we made it ours and we're now developing not only transformation projects, but also growth projects with the same project methodology.

Technology can support the creation of growth and therefore value through e-commerce, analytics, consumer relationships. Technology can also support through efficiencies, digitalisation of the backend, and use of technology to be more efficient and fuel the growth with cash.

Technologies should be ahead of the curve from day in to day out. So we're now spending a lot of time, investment, and effort into delivering projects which are much more toward front office activities.

The way we create value is to create platforms and systems that are simple to use, scalable, and that people want to use. In order to create that ecosystem we need to be able to move fast, to be agile, and we need also to define the right mix between internal and external capabilities.

The importance for us is to make sure that we have the best solution, the best platforms.

The value creation comes from a good coordination between the various functions going from sales, marketing, tech, supply chain finance, and all of the functions together.