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PwC Research is our global centre of excellence for bespoke end-to-end research and insight. We work with clients to help solve their business challenges, with the unique ability to connect with subject-matter experts across the PwC global network.

Primary research can be a critical tool to allow businesses to meet compliance requirements, identify service performance gaps and better meet the needs of customers or employees. For over 25 years we have undertaken some of the most prestigious and thought-provoking research in the UK, Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. We deliver insight and analysis for global clients, ranging from fortune 500 companies to national governments that informs strategy, drives performance improvement and supports change.

Providing both strategic and tactical research solutions, we deliver strategic insight to clients by helping them gather, and visualise data better. This powerful combination of knowledge, data and our global reach provides our clients with the connected insight and actionable evidence they need to make decisions in their business.

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Alison Blair

Alison Blair

Director - PwC Research, PwC United Kingdom

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