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Transformative technologies are able to cross the line between everyday and enterprise-ready. With Google, we’re helping businesses say hello to an innovative future where that line has never been slimmer. By combining our deep industry perspective with the end-to-end services and support to get integration done right, we help you modernise your operations with the power of Google Cloud technologies plus business-led thinking: this is the new value equation, and it’s a formula for an innovative future. Tomorrow is here, and it’s bringing tech to work. Together, we’ll be ready to greet it.

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PwC at Google Cloud Next London 2023

Google Cloud Next is where decision makers, developers, and those passionate about an accessible, scalable and socially responsible cloud come together to innovate, inspire and educate.

As premier sponsor of Google Cloud Next 2023 in London, our GenAI experts Sunil Mehta and Chris Oxborough shared how to rise above the GenAI hype and build business value. We also showcased how we are blending innovative technology, with cloud expertise, to deliver sustained outcomes for our clients. 

Explore key insights from our experts below.

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Case Study

Furniture is an occasional rather than an everyday purchase. So, when customers are ready to buy, retailers have a rare chance to get it right. To do this, our client, a leading multinational furniture retailer, wanted to develop a better understanding of what customers were buying, what they would be looking for next and how to better support them on their buying journey.

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How we can help

Cloud Transformation

PwC advises clients on their cloud journey from strategy through execution. We work with them to scale digital innovation, accelerate enterprise adoption, and manage enterprise risk. We help our clients make the right decisions and maximize investment at every part of their digital and cloud transformation journey.

Workforce and productivity

From increased business agility and flexibility to reduced costs, companies are building the business case to shift away from business-as-usual and orchestrate enterprise-wide transformation. As technical teams move down the migration path, there can be glitches along the way – especially if the security team is not involved from the beginning. PwC’s secure cloud migration offering is purpose-built to help companies migrate to GCP with security natively built-in and leverage repeatable blueprints and automations to gain efficiencies – all at enterprise scale.

Industry-specific solutions

PPwC works with customers to change the way they manage and optimize their business through data analytics and AI enabled insights. We start first with an understanding of what our customers’ primary business objectives are, and then figure out how to achieve them with the right data set & analytics capabilities from GCP.


We combine our leading SAP experience and knowledge of GCP to guide clients on their S/4HANA journey. We develop strategy, help with workload migration and more — enabling successful transformations while unlocking the benefits of SAP on GCP.

Financial Services

PwC combines our deep industry experience and regulatory knowledge with the power of Google Cloud to help financial services firms transform and grow their businesses. We work with financial services organizations across every stage of their cloud transformation journey, and have developed cloud-based solutions to help customers address regulatory requirements.


Getting the numbers right is central to how we’ve always worked. We’re applying this same rigour to new challenges: from net zero transformation to sustainability reporting. Our skills, powered by technology, enable you to make data-driven decisions, quickly, and deliver positive change you can prove.

Sustained outcomes with Google Cloud

Deepened customer insight

In today’s competitive market, customer satisfaction is a vital driver of business growth and increased revenue. Through cloud implementation, and adoption of customer service platforms, organisations can gain a deeper understanding of customer requirements and expectations, to deliver a better overall customer experience.

PwC recently implemented a delivery experience enabled by an intelligent customer agent platform across a large healthcare provider, to deliver predictive capabilities and allow the organisation to better serve their customers. The project supported a move away from a reactive approach to the customer experience, and enabled the company to embed a customer-centric culture where they can predict their needs and get ahead of competitors through increased upselling opportunities.

Collaboration across the globe

A streamlined, robust approach to communication and collaboration can be made possible through Google Cloud, connecting the entire company onto a single platform.

PwC worked closely with a leading financial institution to improve their communication channels, and assess the company’s collaboration needs. By engaging with leadership teams to ascertain the issues and gaps, the transformation plan was centred around making a day-to-day impact. A 120-day pilot ensured cultural buy-in across stakeholders and efficient implementation.

The project successfully deployed 10,000 employees across the world onto one platform of communication, seeing the company move away from disjointed streams, without compromising on overall collaboration needs.

Unlock time savings

The power of human ingenuity and creativity allows businesses to unlock value. Therefore, it is vital employees across all levels are moved away from manual tasks. Technology can alleviate this and move people into value-adding roles.

Across a global financial institution, PwC assembled a cross-functional team to understand the daily tasks performed by Credit Risk Managers and assess the man-hours lost to tasks that could be automated. Implementing the Google Cloud Platform, the business was able to automate manual data and news collection tasks to reduce manager workloads. This in turn gave managers more time to focus on strategic decision processes, making the business more resilient and driving a culture of continuous improvement.


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