Accelerate digital transformation

By seamlessly combining business strategy, experience and technology to transform business and achieve durable growth.

Without question whatever industry you’re in, your organisation must transform for a digital world. In our 21st Global CEO Survey, 81% of respondents agree technological progress will fundamentally change their organisation. And the pressure to move faster is unrelenting.

But achieving digital transformation at speed requires more than technology. Two other things are just as critical. First, agility: delivering change through quick steps, learning as you go. Second, adoption: taking your people with you.

It’s this understanding that makes our approach unique, ensuring you accelerate your business as well as your transformation.


We’ll start by helping you identify where you want your transformation to take you. Having agreed your destination, we’ll work with you to map out the best route to get to it. Then we’ll navigate the journey together.

Helping Sage accelerate their digital transformation

As part of its focus on customer obsession, Sage implemented PwC's PerformPlus solution to focus on making customers successful and to improve customer renewal rates. The result so far is an improvement of over 2% in revenue retention and a 22% increase in cash collected within the first 30 days.

You can read more about the customer-led transformation in the full case study, as well as top tips from Chris Rauch, EVP of Customer Success at Sage


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This content was published in April 2018. While we believe the content remains of interest, it doesn’t take into account major events since that date, including the recent global COVID-19 pandemic.

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Retail and Consumer goods in focus: keeping pace with the consumer

What are today’s consumers like? They’re increasingly disloyal to brands. Expect personalised buying experiences. Want products anytime, anywhere. And demand to know the origins of anything they buy. The result: retail and consumer goods companies are operating in a fundamentally changed world. One where only an efficient digital enterprise can combine the speed, flexibility and responsiveness needed to grow sales and revenues.

To help you transform to do this, we focus on three vital areas: supply chain, core enterprise and consumer experience. By starting here and helping you innovate across consumer, channel and product, we speed up the impact and benefits of digital. And ensure that in a digital world, you’ll be a disrupter rather than disrupted.

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Blog: ​'Why aiming to achieve “digital transformation” isn’t quite the right place to start'

Transformation by definition implies a step-change from where a business is today rather than an evolution. So, before starting the transformation, organisations need to be clear about what it’s step-changing to.

‘the truth is there’s no such thing as “digital transformation” – just like there’s no “digital strategy”. There’s only transformation, since today virtually everything is digital.

Colin LightDigital Consulting Leader


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