Mulesoft: system integration for smarter business

As your business grows it’s inevitable that new IT systems and applications are incorporated into back office and front of house departments. It’s easy for these systems to become disconnected and unable to communicate effectively.

Mulesoft offers a powerful and expansive solution by effectively integrating on-premise legacy systems, cloud-based platforms, and all types of technologies. Letting all your systems communicate through one central layer allows all areas of your organisation to exchange data, speeding up activities and giving you a better understanding of your customers and your business.  

Our relationship with Mulesoft

We have been awarded Partner of the Year by Mulesoft, thanks to our continued quality of service. As partners our team are all fully Mulesoft certified, which ensures they understand the latest developments with the platform and how to deliver the best performance from it. 

We have successfully implemented Mulesoft for a range of clients in healthcare, financial services, technology and other sectors. Our experience allows us to approach each project afresh but with strategic insights and data that let us quickly assess your problems and rapidly implement the solutions you need. 

Mulesoft was identified by Gartner as a leader in various integration areas like On-Premise Application Integration Suites, Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service – Worldwide, Full Life Cycle API Management.

How we work with you and Mulesoft

Our Mulesoft team has a deep specialisation with the platform, but a broader expertise in other technology platforms. This gives us the ideal starting point from which to understand your current IT architecture and execute the project with the entire picture in mind.

Because we have experience with other aspects such as CRM and ecommerce, and are able to call on PwC’s extensive network of specialists in other areas, we’re able to understand your business goals from the outset. Our offering is not limited to just the integration process, but is an end-to-end service, from initial analysis and advisory through to product deployment and support. 

Easy integration with Mulesoft

Mulesoft uses an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), to simplify complex systems creating a single integration layer for all new apps or systems. This “API led connectivity” approach is based on a three-layered service architecture, consisting of an open channel to the ESB, a business process layer and a system layer.

By using Mulesoft to create one technology layer, there no longer has to be specific integration between each application, which can be difficult to maintain and stops your systems and business scaling easily. This provides IT with the opportunity to move from its role as a traditional center of excellence to a business enabler, supporting the organisation to work agilely - quickly and cost effectively delivering business value. 

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