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Solving complex accounting and financial reporting challenges in a digital world

When you run or are responsible for a finance function, the challenges you face are constant – and constantly changing. You’re faced with a seemingly unending number of new accounting and reporting standards and updates. This, along with even greater regulatory scrutiny and a wave of new requirements in areas such as environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), as society demands more transparency.

There’s something else that’s evolving too: the organisation around you and your team. As the wider organisation goes through digital transformation, how does your finance function also begin to use digital tools and cloud systems to help you with accounting and reporting? With hiring specialist talent proving difficult, how do you give your team the skills to deal with what’s now and what’s next?

You’re responsible for balancing the ever-changing needs of your organisation today, while also creating a finance function that’s fit for the future.

How we can help

We help organisations with the following financial accounting advisory services

Core accounting

Getting your day-to-day accounting and reporting in good shape. So you can reduce risk, deal with changes to the business and the outside world quickly and efficiently, giving yourself the space to start asking the big questions.

Complex accounting and reporting issues

From IFRS 16 to IFRS 17 to FRS 102, we’ll give you specialist support in complex areas. This may also include accounting for insurance contracts, revenue recognition, financial instruments, treasury, leases and business combinations. So you have the right skills and people to deal with today’s complex issues while scanning the horizon for upcoming changes.

Enabling good accounting practice

Upgrading and embedding policies, processes, data, and controls so you can empower teams to deliver robust accounting and reporting quickly and efficiently.

Integrated reporting

That meets the ever changing regulatory and ESG needs, while telling your story in a compelling way that creates value.

Drive change in policy, people and data    

We’ll help you embed policies which respond to new rules, through our expertise across accounting, processes and technology. By putting our people into your team and by training yours, we’ll strengthen your capabilities. We’ll also help you use technology to control your data, replace inefficient systems and processes to reduce workload and make reporting more efficient.

Our process

Smart people, technology and know-how

Specialist and deep accounting knowledge of accounting and reporting

Our subject matter experts will give you the support you need for rapid resolutions and lasting solutions. We’ll protect your reputation, give you greater accounting control, help you to reduce financial risk and reduce the likelihood of crises.

Smart tools and technologists

Our technologists and data specialists work with experts in process improvement, accounting and reporting to create all-encompassing programmes to automate your processes. For example, they’ve created our Learning Lab and Digital Policies Manual, both easy-to-use tools to help your team understand what’s required and to inform them what’s new and changing. 

Experience in delivery

We can also provide short term support to your existing finance team in moments of significant change – like a major deal or the implementation of a new ERP system. Our experience and EMS delivery expertise means we’ll have likely seen your issues before. We’ll know what it takes to fix them so we can make swift changes and create change that lasts.

We know the business case

From helping you define what good accounting or reporting looks like to helping your leaders understand the case for investment in finance, you’ll know you’ve made the right choices when planning for the future.

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Richard Veysey

Richard Veysey

Partner, Accounting advisory, PwC United Kingdom

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