The Eight Attributes of Internal Audit Excellence: Talent

A Talent For Team Building

Talent is a major issue for today's business leaders. It's also one of the Eight Attributes of Internal Audit Excellence which PwC has identified and actively promotes as part of our commitment to championing the Internal Audit profession. An expanding risk landscape is increasing stakeholder expectations and creating demand for specialist experience, alongside the need to attract the right calibre of core Internal Auditors into in-house functions.

We invited Internal Audit leaders and Audit Committee members to join us  in exploring this tension in more detail. 'A Talent For Team Building' is the paper which resulted from this enlightening discussion. It focuses on three key themes.

  1. The challenge of finding the optimal talent model
  2. The need for a strong value proposition
  3. The critical importance of the ‘right’ leadership

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Despite the pace of change, Internal Audit talent strategies often remain too focused on present day challenges, rather than thinking ahead and adopting a future-focused approach to sourcing, training and developing leading talent. Whilst understandable, taking a short term view is not without its risks. Could winning the battle mean losing the war?

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