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Making informed investment and strategy decisions

The pace of change in some of the world’s most traditional industries is accelerating. Globalisation, technological change, environmental regulation and new sources of capital are just some of the factors that are changing the face of capital asset industries and their supply chains at a rate that is uncomfortable to many industry players.

In sectors where asset lifecycles are typically measured in decades, these changes are making it harder to make decisions about where to focus or invest. Investment cases now contain more variables and greater uncertainty than before, and corporate strategies involve making judgements about the shape of the future, as well as specific decisions about where to focus, and what not to do. And where investments involve third party providers of debt or equity, how can they get comfortable with this higher level of commercial risk?

Why PwC?

Our team of strategy consultants work across M&A and corporate strategy for clients in the energy, utilities, mining and infrastructure sectors. We bring PwC’s reputation for independence and rigour to strategic planning and investment appraisal.

Our approach

  • We ensure that major strategic decisions such as acquisitions, disposals, new projects and new market entry are based on a sound understanding of the commercial environment and how it might impact future performance.
  • Our analysis, advice and conclusions are objective, practical and financially-grounded.
  • A range of techniques such as Voice of the Customer, Scenario Planning, Stochastic Modelling and Commercial Due Diligence are applied to deliver robust investment theses.
  • We help our clients make strategic decisions based on an independent assessment of commercial risk and opportunity.

This means that we help to reduce uncertainty in our clients’ business decisions and maximise the chances of achieving a successful outcome.  

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