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We’re living in an increasingly global, flexible, and on-demand world – one where technology is driving rapid and sweeping change in social habits and personal and corporate behaviours. Customers are more informed and sophisticated, with unprecedented access to product and competitive information. Even who your customer is can change in a short space of time, as channels to market evolve and geographical barriers disappear.

As Industrial Manufacturing & Services organisations adapt to this new and evolving reality, we believe they face two big questions:

  • How will the megatrends now at play – technological breakthroughs, changing demographics, resource scarcity, shifting economic power and rapid urbanisation – change the firms operating in the sector?
  • What do these firms need to think about now to be ready for this evolution?

Why PwC?

The sheer breadth and diversity of the Industrial Manufacturing & Services sector makes forecasting future trends a challenging exercise. We ensure that major strategic decisions such as acquisitions, disposals, new projects and new market entry are based on a sound understanding of the commercial environment and how it might impact future performance.

We provide the full suite of commercial deal and strategy support covering:

  • Transactional commercial due diligence.
  • Market entry reviews.
  • Acquisition scanning.
  • Corporate strategy development.

Our experience covers the full range from traditional manufacturing and high tech industries to outsourced services, transportation and logistics.


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Neil Hampson

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Euan Cameron

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