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Mediorite is a creative agency and social enterprise that we support through our Social Entrepreneurs Club. They provide training and opportunities for young people to gain experience in the creative industry. Hear from Mediorite Director and Founder, Lucy Ferguson, as she talks about how the work they’re doing is helping to tackle youth unemployment and deliver on their vision of films that look good and do good.

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Mediorite - Social Enterprise


Lucy Ferguson: I’m Lucy Ferguson. I’m founder and director of Mediorite. Mediorite is an award-winning creative agency and social enterprise.  We offer film and photography services to clients, and we run free training and work experience for young people who want to get into film.

Our promise is that every job we produce for a client creates paid work for a young person that we’ve trained.  The young people we work with come from diverse backgrounds. That means they’re not in education, employment and training; but they may also be struggling with other issues, like homelessness, problems with mental health or physical disabilities, young carers, showing offending behaviour, or they may have been excluded from school.

As PwC Social Entrepreneur Club members, we were so excited when, in 2015, we had the opportunity to pitch to make some portrait films for PwC’s Social Entrepreneur Club award winners - and we won!  That was the beginning of our relationship with PwC.

Initially, we needed quite a lot of hand-holding.  So, the PwC Design Group really collaborated with us to make sure we understand the systems and processes needed to deliver for a large corporate.  Three years on, we’re interviewing partners across the country. And this weekend, we’re filming in the Frontier space, a brand new tech-advanced space in PwC More London, shooting a film that involves a really complicated cloning process.

Great Okosun: This year I went on a shoot for PwC and the I thing I learnt there was that the atmosphere when you go on a corporate job, like out to film, is way different. You have to still, like, have an air of business about you even if you’re not wearing a suit or anything. And whatever you do affects the company.

So, you’ve got to be, sort of, serious about it.  Also, that it’s just amazing to see some of the people, that I’ve just only seen in the office, out in the actual field.  Like Diego, how he gets the angles and everything right, because I’m not used to working the cameras. So, just seeing how he did that was completely surprising to me.

Lucy Ferguson: So, with increased business, we’ve got increased impact, and we’re really starting to tackle youth unemployment and delivering on our vision, which is: films that look good and do good.


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