Enabling the business transformation needed

The challenge: The scale of the transformation 

Post-COP26, the direction of travel for businesses is now even clearer: they must prepare for a greener world or risk an uncertain future. Whilst strong progress has been made in recent months, the current pace of change still lags behind the level needed to reach net zero. Innovation at an unprecedented scale and speed is needed to ensure businesses end up on the right side of the biggest economic transformation of our lifetimes.

How our Consulting teams are helping turn words in action   

Our experience in Consulting and Transformation means we can play a role in helping businesses large and small to be part of the new zero carbon economy. There is no one step that companies can take to put themselves on the path to net zero, it will require many small steps – and some big decisions.

PwC is also on its own transformation to Net Zero. And we’re proud to work alongside our clients to help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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