Building the credibility of climate reporting

The challenge: Sources of mistrust in climate reporting 

From finance to civil society, there is a level of scepticism about corporate reporting on climate change today. To draw attention to the specific challenges, we have launched a series of briefings that explore the most significant issues. Our intention is to support businesses, leaders and policy makers to understand the sources of the mistrust – and therefore what can be done about them. 

Business briefing series

The 'uncomfortable truths' about the data behind corporate climate reporting

This paper explains where the mistrust is coming from, the questions to ask of companies, and the steps that businesses and others can take to increase the robustness of the data.


How our work in Audit and Risk can help build trust 

Audits help provide investors with confidence in the accuracy of a company’s financial statements. With climate change, this can include ensuring that a business’ commitment to reach net zero is consistent with the assumptions and valuations in the accounts. Our Head of Audit Hemione Hudson sets out our belief that auditors have a critical role to play in protecting our planet.

Our Risk practice helps provide stakeholders with comfort in the accuracy of a company’s non-financial reporting, such as their disclosure about the level of greenhouse gas emissions – or their reporting through the framework of the Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures. It’s something we believe will only increase in the coming months - here are 5 questions you should be asking now.

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