Decarbonising the Value Chain

Decarbonise to deliver value, enhance productivity and drive cost efficiency in Industrial manufacturing and services.

Faced with the complex challenge of needing to decarbonise at pace - while also addressing rising prices, inflation and energy prices - where do you start? We don’t believe that a focus on decarbonisation means you can’t achieve competitive advantage. In fact, with the right blend of creativity and commerciality, risk and reward, technology and innovation, you can find opportunities to unlock investment and productivity across your whole value chain.

We can help you work at pace, tackling the value chain from both ends to find those pockets of success that will build momentum. We use data and technology to give you transparency and robust reporting on your progress and help you turn that into market advantage.

When you bring together the right sector insight, expertise and technology, you bring net zero within reach. And when you combine it with the right mindset, you transform the need to decarbonise from obligation into commercial opportunity.

Together, we can build a more productive, sustainable value chain.

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Decarbonising the Value Chain

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What we do

How customer-led decarbonisation can kickstart growth for industrial and services businesses

Despite today’s challenging and cost-constrained market, growing customer pressure to decarbonise means industrial businesses can no longer afford to delay action.

Almost half (43%) of manufacturers feel that the demand for ESG initiatives, low-carbon products and eco-friendly services is coming directly from customers. Not only that, but there’s increasing pressure around being seen to be green, with some RPFs specifically asking for data and facts to demonstrate their claims. Customers want to see the changes being made and the impact they’re having. There’s no time to lose — using these demands as benchmarks for your decarbonisation strategy will help you achieve responsible growth.

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Driving change through supply and value chain

To tackle the complexity and pace required, we help you address this challenge from both ends of the supply and value chain. Rethink and redesign your products and optimise how they’re made and delivered, bring your suppliers and partners with you and find ways to incentivise them towards decarbonisation. All underpinned with performance management and reporting to be clear on baselines, targets, progress and provide stakeholder visibility.

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Sustainable finance

Investors and lenders are demanding action on decarbonisation. Banks are reducing their exposure to carbon emissions and the vast majority of new fund mandates have ESG criteria attached. And for those who can demonstrate their pace and progress, there’s also a $trillion value pool seeking to invest.

Transparency on data as a platform for change

With a framework in place for measurement and improvement on your position, we can present robust, credible reporting to the market. That data gives us the ability to connect the dots on the pockets of innovation, providing stakeholder visibility and turning it into broader initiatives within your organisation to optimise decarbonisation. 

The Global Construction Futures Report

A global forecast for the construction industry to 2037

The global construction sector is at an inflection point and at a pivotal moment of transformation, marked by both unprecedented challenges and remarkable opportunities.

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Baker Hughes: from ‘cost out’ to ‘carbon out’

Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that provides solutions for energy and industrial customers worldwide. Conducting business in more than 120 countries, the company’s innovative technologies and services are aimed at taking energy forward – making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people and the planet.

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LinkedIn Live Series - Industrial Revolution: The path to decarbonisation

With rising costs will priorities shift too far from the net zero agenda?

Our new LinkedIn Live series, “Industrial Revolution: The path to decarbonisation” will explore the need for industrials and manufacturers to rethink how they do their business to keep up the pace on the net zero agenda.

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