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Front office transformation

The challenge

Financial services are facing an unprecedented level of change driven by regulation, cost and new competitors. But it is changing customer expectations and demand for new digitally enabled experiences that is creating the most fundamental need for transformation.

The rapid shift to cloud and the emergence of Fintech ecosystems have materially lowered the barriers to this change, and the Salesforce platform in particular is accelerating the pace of innovation with integrated omni-channel, machine learning and analytics capabilities.

The opportunities these technologies present to organisations to transform their distribution, marketing and service functions, across every customer touchpoint, is significant, but requires a customer-led, agile approach to design, implementation and change delivery.

For years, many customers have viewed their financial lives from afar. Digital technology has accentuated this, with visions of call centers and automated processing. It’s a problem, particularly for an industry that sells trust and relationships as core values.

What if digital enabled something more human?
What if it helped us make better decisions, big and small?
And not just periodically when we sit down with an advisor, but in real time?

From a customer’s perspective, buying a home involves much more than taking out a mortgage. Whether we’re going to school, starting a family, selecting a vacation locale or just deciding whether to purchase a new phone, we want information on our terms, without boundaries. But whom do we turn to for help?

At the same time, digital technology can strengthen relationships and let businesses see what their customers value most. And by working with others, firms can use this information to make things easier for customers, no matter what they’re buying, from research to payment and beyond.

Our services

Interacting with clients, employees and partners has never been easier thanks to the omnipresence of digital technologies. But in today’s fast-paced digital world, investing in technology isn’t enough. Putting people at the centre of digital transformation initiatives is critical so companies can create excitement for the new ways of working and ultimately meet their unique customer needs, business processes and governance mandates to foster a competitive advantage.

Customer and digital strategy

Proposition and experience design, customer segmentation, commercial strategy, innovation and Fintech strategy.


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Customer research, data and analytics

Full in-house market and customer research capabilities, and assets including cloud based customer insights and analytics platforms.


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Sales excellence

Front office operating model re-design, process optimisation and change execution. Building in performance KPIs and being able to have deeper insights into sales performance, behaviors and outcomes in real-time.


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Marketing transformation

MarTech is a rapidly changing fragmented area. CMOs are often evolving into CMTOs and having to embrace multiple technologies to drive a marketing strategy. We help clients drive value from their marketing technology investments, ensuring alignment with the business goals.


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System implementation and optimisation

Salesforce design, technical reviews and implementation services, including accelerators for specific financial services use cases.


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Customer digital experience

Focusing on working at the intersection of Business, Experience, and Technology. When the solution must be the size of your business and calls for complete change from boardroom to the serverroom, we help you set the stakes and break down the barriers to transform your business. PwC help clients with building beautiful designs and experiences built on innovative technology platforms.

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Our alliances

Explore how else we can help you with business-led technology transformation

Accelerate digital transformation in financial services


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Navigate risk and regulation in financial services


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Darshan Chandarana

Darshan Chandarana

Partner, Front Office Transformation Leader for Financial Services, EMEA, PwC United Kingdom

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Will Stevns

Will Stevns

Partner, PwC United Kingdom

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