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Optimised Insights

Cloud and open source technologies have changed the way that industries are approaching transformation.

What if you could take advantage of this, transforming key business processes in an accelerated and cost effective way?

At PwC, our experience tells us that three of the major driving factors underpinning technology enablement are to improve insights, increase efficiency and enhance controls. To support this we have developed our Optimised Insights platform that combines container as a service (CaaS) and open source code to develop, deploy and host business processes on behalf of our clients. This should be of particular interest to organisations that are looking to build on their cloud capability and reduce reliance on manual and overly complex processes.

Improve and automate your business processes — it's time to evolve

Improved Insights

Our solutions are developed using R and Python. These technologies allow us to create a range of solutions for our clients that vary from simplistic to complex machine learning, unlocking insights along the way. We then bring this to life using a range of custom visuals and automated reports.

Increased efficiency

Business processes require a combination of good quality data, parameterisation and calculation steps. Our solution goes beyond traditional visualisation toolkits and allows users to upload their own data, select parameters and apply judgements, where needed, executing code across a range of different scenarios.

Improved controls

We operate a strict deployment process that focuses on unit testing, modular code development and user acceptance testing with the aim of combining IT best practices with more traditional business owner end user computer standards. Our apps can be customised to output checks and include breakpoints, where needed, to ensure results are correct.

Our offerings

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App Store

We have a range of pre developed solutions that focus on industry wide issues. Take a look at some of our latest solutions below

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Managed services

Our team is able to take your business processes, diagnose, enhance and ultimately manage these through our platform. In order to achieve this we use a range of our pre existing code base and EUCA technology to ensure a quick and cost effective turnaround

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Transformation support

Our technology stack includes Microsoft Azure, Terraform, Kubernetes, Next Gen Cloud and Docker. Using this we have been able to develop an infrastructure that can accelerate your transformation agenda, with solutions hosted on your cloud solutions or our Optimised Insights platform.

A selection of our applications

Asset Stress

Get ready for the TCFD and climate scenario testing by gaining an understanding on how climate change is affecting and is expected to affect your mortgage portfolio or any other real estate collateralized book.

TCFD Scale

A comprehensive TCFD Scale tool to perform scenario analysis, forecast Net Zero carbon pathways, and quantify the risks and opportunities of climate change for a client/’s financials through physical and transition risk and opportunities.

Climate Net Zero Tool

Digital asset used to baseline and forecast an entity’s Scope 3 Emissions allowing for detailed insights into the risks and opportunities in the portfolio under various climate change scenarios. Translate your insights into portfolio management actions and automated TCFD compliant reporting.

Model Efficiency Manager

A cloud-based platform that can help expedite any analytics, model development, or validation across a variety of Risk and Machine Learning use cases. Our solution can help significantly reduce the cost per model through comprehensive data profiling capabilities, candidate model generation, model execution and automated model documentation.

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