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Our experienced team of strategy consultants work across a wide range of sectors.

Our deep knowledge of these industries enables us to support your business in today’s rapidly evolving market and provide valuable insight when making key strategic decisions.  

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Energy, Utilities, Mining and Infrastructure

The pace of change in some of the world’s most traditional industries is accelerating. Globalisation, technological change, environmental regulation and new sources of capital are just some of the factors that are changing the face of capital asset industries and their supply chains at a rate that is uncomfortable to many industry players.

Find out more about how our Energy, Utilities, Mining and Infrastructure team can help you.


Financial Services

The global financial services industry has undergone unprecedented change since the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2007. One of the main drivers behind this change has been the wall of regulatory and legislation changes that were introduced for two main reasons. 

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Healthcare is undergoing significant change. Populations are growing and getting older, diagnosis and treatment is improving, meaning that demand for healthcare has never been higher.

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Industrial Manufacturing & Services

We’re living in an increasingly global, flexible, and on-demand world – one where technology is driving rapid and sweeping change in social habits and personal and corporate behaviours. Customers are more informed and sophisticated, with unprecedented access to product and competitive information. Even who your customer is can change in a short space of time, as channels to market evolve and geographical barriers disappear.

Find out more about how our Industrial Manufacturing & Services team can help you.

Retail, Consumer and Leisure

The Retail, Consumer and Leisure sectors are going through unprecedented change, with increasingly demanding consumers, technology disruption and international opportunities. In parallel, the cost of doing business is rising in line with cyber security, the real wage and business rates. How can a business therefore create a more compelling proposition whilst lowering costs to drive sustainable profitable growth?

Find out more about how our Retail, consumer and leisure team can help you. 


Technology, Media and Telecommunications

The The Technology, Media and Telecoms industries are going through an exciting period of growth, disruption, and business model transformations.industries are going through an exciting period of growth, disruption, and business model transformations.

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