Transparency Report 2023 - Hemione Hudson transcript

At PwC our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. In an increasingly complex world investors and wider society are looking for organisations to provide transparent financial and non-financial reporting that they can rely on. The audit profession is critical to building confidence in business and we’re committed to playing our part.

We continue to operate in a challenging and uncertain economic environment and I’m proud that our auditors support each other and work together to deliver high quality outcomes.

Quality remains our top priority and we’re focused on delivering consistently high quality audits that meet the needs of investors, the organisations we audit and wider stakeholders. High quality is dependent on multiple factors and we see our people, advanced technology and our audit culture all playing an important role.

Our human-led, tech-powered approach brings together the deep knowledge and experience of our auditors with powerful technology tools and capabilities. We utilise technology throughout our audits, from risk assessment analytics in planning to the use of AI, data auditing and visualisation techniques in our testing.

Investors, along with wider society, are also looking for organisations to provide greater transparency in non-financial reporting areas such as ESG and controls reporting. To address this increasing demand we will continue to invest in our people, skills and technologies to deliver robust independent assurance in the public interest.

We are building a revolutionary audit ecosystem and equipping our auditors with new digital capabilities to deliver a Next Generation Audit and continue to build trust in what matters.

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