Megatrends: 5 global shifts changing the way we live and do business

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It feels like a time when we need some foresight, foresight as to what our World might become, should become. We all have an opportunity – I’d say a responsibility – to dig deep, to search for innovative solutions, inspire good growth, economic prosperity, stronger communities, healthier people and greater social mobility. So if you’re setting in a strategic direction, working on a transaction, restructuring your organisation or creating a higher performing culture foresight helps to answer what we are working towards and why. It also helps to work out the move, or response, to disruptive new entrants, or the potential from tapping into the megatrends.

In PwC we are tackling a number of fascinating complex changes inspired by these megatrends. The implications of living longer and better for health, pensions and the world of work. What companies can do to tap into the full potential of technologies like Blockchain, artificial intelligence and drones, overcoming the inertia and barriers to adoptions and how can humans and robots play and work together? And how do we retain a sense of humanity in a world that often feels much more tech-driven  and virtual?

When it comes to sustainability how do we create that brighter future for economy, our cities and communities protecting and nurturing our environment and how can we embed these principles in the hearts, minds and actions of business?

Many of us share more of our lives on line – so how do we build trust and avoid the perils of the digital dark side as we do that? And how do we develop new scenarios for the geo-political developments we are seeing around us to illuminate some opportunities and risk for companies and investors – right now and in the future?

How do we use a better appreciation and understanding in neuroscience to understand the people, their motivations, behaviours at work and at home so we tap into their full potential? And when it comes to devolution, how do we make sure that devolution delivers for the citizens in the local communities through different partnerships with the public, private and third sectors?

So foresight is critical in getting closer to this brighter future, it shapes the transformation many organisations are undertaking, it frames what the future might look like, how we can shape it and what we need to do to get there through a stronger identity, or differentiated capabilities, or through cutting costs to grow stronger. We see our role as a catalyst, a contributor, a platform for co-creation, and we are investing in our own research and development to create new services, businesses and partnerships.

Understanding the implications of these megatrends is absolutely essential to this strategy and to building this movement.

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