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One solution, two modes. Pre-screening: Portfolio Analysis

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Contract Counsel

One solution, two modes. Pre-screening: Portfolio Analysis

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Our multidisciplinary specialists have collaborated to bring you Contract Counsel.

An intelligent contract review solution that works in 2 modes to unlock capacity across the entire contract life cycle, dramatically improving the speed of your transactions and allowing your lawyers to focus on the work that has the greatest impact.

How does it work?

Mode1: Pre-screening

PwC’s Lawyers work with you to codify your contractual risk management rules into Contract Counsel.

Contract Counsel now becomes the first reviewer of the standard agreements that your organisation encounters everyday. It understands the agreements it is presented with and draws out those clauses that are at odds with your risk policy at enabling a ⅓ time saving when used by an experienced lawyer.

It also enables you to delegate standard contract review work to more junior staff and non-legal teams. It’s unique collaboration functionality means that senior legal specialists provide oversight and input as needed. So that their time is used efficiently and so that the arbitrage across legal, procurement and other business functions is optimised.

It offers sophisticated monitoring and reporting, enabling senior management to have better oversight of Legal Operations.

Mode 2: Portfolio analysis

In Portfolio Analysis mode, Contract Counsel reviews thousands of documents. Applying the same granular sentence by sentence risk analysis that it does in pre-screening mode, but leveraging its impressive computing power to scale its intelligent analysis across your entire executed contract portfolio.

It’s collaboration functionality enables specialist teams to collaborate efficiently and it’s monitoring and reporting enable key management stakeholders to quickly understand and address the risk exposure at hand.

Transforming due diligence and legal re-papering exercises from expensive, labour intensive projects to automated tasks delivered within days instead of weeks.

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