GREAT: The Cornish Sea Salt Company


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Hi my name is Philip Tanswell from the Cornish Sea Salt Company. What makes our company great is that we take grade A seawater from the sea that you see behind us, we pump it up to a plant and make mineral rich sea salt which is lower in sodium and high in taste.

Our great ambitions for the future of Cornish Sea Salt is to take it to a global market and to get people to try the product and really understand the difference between, salt, table salt and really good sea salts, which are higher in minerals, lower in sodium and are able to deliver more flavour for less. If we can do that and can take that globally then we know we’ve got a major success story on our hands.

As a premium sea salt manufacturer the Asia market is a very important sector for us to fully develop. Not only do you understand good quality sea salt, but you also take on the values of good British brands. 

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