One Firm One Day

Every year we dedicate a day in our calendar to giving back to social initiatives and our local communities. We call it One Firm One Day (OFOD).

Caring for our communities is core to our firm’s purpose and values. One Firm One Day has become our flagship, firmwide annual volunteering event.

Returning to in-person volunteering after Covid lockdowns, OFOD 2022 involved more of our people than ever before. Some 3,000 volunteers gave 20,000 hours of their time and we raised in excess of £52,000.

Through the PwC Foundation, we align our charitable and community contributions with areas that matter to our people, that help us live up to our purpose, and where our expertise can have the most impact. So we’re able to target our efforts to help solve important problems such as social inequality.

By dedicating a day in our calendar to giving back, our people get the support and time needed to use their skills and innovation for hundreds of social initiatives across the UK.

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One Firm One Day 2022

Kevin Ellis
OFOD is a shared responsibility for all our people as part of our wider purpose. It’s fantastic to be here in our office where everyone is getting behind today’s events, whether they’re working with schoolchildren refugees, or any other charity, particularly those struggling in Ukraine at the moment, and bringing the best of the firm together with that feeling of pride and shared commitment.

David Adair
OFOD is a great example of all our people connecting to the community for our wider purpose.

Jade Perrier
This year we’re back together, and it makes all the difference.

Daley Thompson
I’m here at PwC today because we are raising some funds for Ukraine. We are cycling from London to Kiev. Everybody’s mileage gets added up and we’re hoping to make 1,512 miles by the end of the day.

Amal Larhlid
Reunited, we are discovering so many ways to help and support each other.

Chris Reeve
Tonight I’m hosting 102 guests at Brigade to raise money for our charity partners and to allow 102 inspiring individuals and organisations to deliver a fairer society in the UK.

Michael Clark
It’s uplifting to be involved in creating that experience together.

Jade Perrier
There’s a wonderful sense of shared responsibility and commitment to our shared social initiatives.

Tom Pickering
We are a youth work charity. We work with disadvantaged young people across London, and we drive the bus straight into the heart of communities, and young people can come on for free. That helps us engage with them and work out how to create opportunities for them.

Ian Elliott
I’ve had an amazing day here at Touchbase Pears in Selly Oak in Birmingham. We’ve learned a lot about what the organisation does - provide the employee support for people with disabilities and talking to our volunteers. So we’ve had a team of volunteers here this morning from our Birmingham office and everyone’s taken a huge amount away from it.

Glenn Powell
So the volunteers today have made such a massive impact on the sites. We have lots of plans, lots of projects that we want to get off the ground, but they remain just plans and ideas unless we have the volunteers’ support to implement them.

Amal Larhlid
Supporting each other is an even greater joy when we gather together.

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