Case studies: True partnering with our clients

We work with our clients, to define their vision and plan how to get there. We’ll deliver the technological and operational solutions our clients need to compete and grow. Together, we’ll build a lasting legacy of improvement and performance.


Ofwat regulates water and sewerage providers, setting limits on the prices that water companies in England and Wales can charge their customers. For 18 months, we worked as Ofwat’s delivery partner, complementing Ofwat’s skills and experience and helping them to get the best deal possible for customers and the environment. As a result, Ofwat brought value to customers who will now pay less for their water by 2019-20. 


We worked jointly with Bupa to design an operating model to integrate all their lines of business while continuing to put customers' needs and care at the heart of all they do. Bupa established a UK-wide sales and marketing team and a central UK customer function to ensure customers are offered the best experience.  

Greater London Authority

The Greater London Authority (GLA) wanted to explore everything it could to deliver efficiencies and reduce its cost base for the benefit of the taxpayer. As a result they turned to PwC to undertake an operating model review, commercial change and implementation programme to create a new team which was successfully launched in April 2015 and is now set to deliver significant savings in its first year. 

Aircraft Carrier Alliance

The build of two 65,000 tonne Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers was one of the most complex projects in Europe. Joining forces with us, the ACA wanted to transfer procurement savings skills such as negotiation techniques, supplier management and ‘should cost’ modelling, into the core team to support future procurement and supplier management activities. Craig Kerr, Consulting Transport Logistic Lead, talks here about key factors for success when delivering such a project.



NHS England Primary Care Support Services  

Primary Care Support (PCS) Services is the back office function that keeps NHS primary care services running. NHS England appointed us as their partner in the complex programme to deliver the procurement alongside NHS England’s in-year efficiencies programme. They set the ambitious goal of delivering a successful procurement within 9 months, achieving savings, the transformation of the service and a new IT solution. PCS Services will now be transformed over 24 months, delivering a modern national service fit for the digital age.

Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust

The island of Puerto Rico had been one of the manufacturing pharmaceutical capitals of the world. The Science, Technology & Research Trust has been charged with rejuvenating the sector including by increasing clinical trial activity. They needed an adviser who knew the drug industry inside out to help them do it - so together we built a strategy which catered to the short-term fiscal needs of the island to reverse the declining trend in clinical trials. But it is the enthusiasm that it has generated with all relevant stakeholders to promote clinical research, that will be the true driver of success over the next 12–18 months. 

Marks and Spencer

In a rapidly changing retail environment M&S saw a real opportunity to work hard and transform their business whilst managing their financial position. We were called in to review their ''Goods not for resale''. Together, we worked collaboratively to develop the solutions, pulling on our experience and leading practices and M&S’s knowledge of how their organisation worked and how to make the implementation successful.

National Australia Bank

Working together we introduced Perform – a technique created to deliver Operational Excellence through behavioural change. NAB engaged our PwC banking specialists in the UK, setting the challenging goal of delivering performance improvements in under 6 months, without delivering major changes to technology, organisational structures or re-engineering major processes. Both PwC and NAB believed significant untapped potential could be exploited, leading to dramatic improvements in operational performance.

Airports Commission

For 30 years, successive governments have kicked a decision on UK airport expansion into the long grass. The Airports Commission was established to bring the uncertainty to an end, and together with us to produce a definitive, independent and robust assessment of the options – leading to a firm recommendation. In addition to helping solve the airports debate and contributing to the wider question of how to appraise potentially transformational infrastructure projects, which are so crucial to the future of the economy, the work remains a building legacy. 

Global Financial Markets Association

We published a comprehensive study of global market liquidity highlighting the importance of linkages between banking regulations and market liquidity, presenting recent trends in liquidity across asset classes and assessing the current and potential future impact of a lower level of market liquidity. Our approach combined comprehensive data gathering, leading-edge economic analysis and incorporated the voice of market participants (through market interviews) to provide a highly credible and authoritative study. Find out more in our Global financial markets liquidity study.