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Customer Experience Management

Consumer behaviour has changed fundamentally in just a few years. Mobile technology and social media allows customers to carry out research, make purchases and interact with your company anywhere, anytime, on their terms. These new empowered customers are engaged, informed and wield considerable power online. So customer experience has never been more important.

But customer experience doesn’t just mean the design of an ecommerce checkout, or physical in-store experience. It extends to every part of your business, from marketing and sales, through to customer retention, finance and procurement. That’s why our approach to customer experience management is focused on your business objectives and uses all of PwC’s expertise to help you deliver the experiences customers demand.

Bringing digital and physical together

There’s a lot of talk these days about joining up the consumer’s physical and digital experiences into one, seamless journey. We know that in retail customers expect to be able to research and purchase products online, but they also continue to savour the in store experience. They visit the store to experience the product, to do further research and usually to finalise their decision. So it’s crucial that customer experience in-store matches up to the expectations set on digital. 

Our focus is on uncovering the moments they want to experience at that point, understanding their journey from initial awareness to arrival in-store, and making sure that is delivered. But this isn’t only applicable to retail. Across every sector it’s vital to give customers a connected experience that drives them along to purchase. 

Whether you operate in a business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B) market, and regardless of your audience we start every project with two questions: what does your customer want, and how can you help them get it, no matter the channel they encounter you on? With those questions answered we can deliver the most compelling experience possible and see where physical and digital come together. 

Understanding the customer no matter the sector

Customer experience is important in both the B2C and B2B spaces, but the approaches to building a successful customer experience are different. We recognise this fact and bring our insights to each project instead of trying to deliver a one size fits all solution. 

For the B2C consumer emotions and feeling have a massive impact on their decision to buy. This applies to luxury goods and more utilitarian purchases. And when something goes wrong during their interaction with your business, or with your product or service, they feel a very personal disappointment. It’s this emotional experience that is at the foundation of our approach to B2C customer experience.

But the B2B consumer has a different set of motivations. They’re making their decisions from the head not the heart, and each choice is made with consideration of the bottom line. Buying isn’t a simple yes/no, but involves multiple stakeholders, budgets and layers of approval. And the cost of a wrong decision can be astronomical for a B2B customer.

How we can help you with customer experience

Our team comes from a variety of disciplines including design, behavioural science, economics, strategy, marketing, and sales. The breadth of our offering means we can help you from the initial analysis and strategy to developing customer journeys and implementing technology. 

Because customer experience touches on every aspect of your business you need a partner who has wide ranging expertise. PwC’s global presence gives you access to a huge pool of knowledge and experience, which means as your project develops you can be assured that we have the capability to deliver the right customer experience solution. 

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